We look at the upcoming CDAO Conference for Finance and Insurance, by the Corinium Group, and ask, what are we trying to learn here?

Academic discussions are all very well, but can we be forgiven for thinking – “hang on, what more do we need to know, for our work purposes, “ and what else can people say to us, that hasn’t already been said? Are we living in an age not just of experts on everything,, but of too – fast movement. At a time when people are already saying that “AI has lost its relevance” – are we at the point where we cannot cope with the speed of change – so why should we change at all?

Human nature is human nature. As individuals, we tend to ask for advice, but then never act on that advice. Can a Conference, even when populated and driven by leaders in their respective fields, make a difference that justifies our time away from somewhere called our office.

It is an interesting point, and it misses the point.

How so?

Because, whilst yes of course we can benefit from listening and questioning experts and other leaders – that is not the reason you and I come to these sort of events.

We come for the chat, the interchange of experience, not just the listening to experience. We come for the surprising revelation;

“Oh, I didn’t realise that you did it that way”, at XXX Bank etc.

Afo Opedare, Marketing Director at Corinium, expressed it more forcefully.

“We want to challenge people’s entrenched positions”, he told me. “Ideas tend to be shared better, over a cup of coffee”.

Like so much in life, the more you put in to something, the more you get out.

Delegates and Vendors at this CDAO Conference are there because of an open-mind attitude, and there is the expectation that all parties are open to sharing, at whatever level they can.

I finish my discussion with Afo. Sure, I think I know how data works in Finance etc – but do I know everything? Clearly not. I’ll come by, – and not just for the coffee.

The CDAO Conference is on November 1st 2023 at the Hilton Tower Bridge London. Details can be found at;

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