Can The Arts and Big Business mix?

We look at the issues surrounding “going back to work”, and the need for work life balance.

Is “work” a thing you do – or a place where you go? And if you “didn’t go” – then what would you lose in your life?

Well – there’s the chats around the water cooler place, with your mates. The social necessity of being with other people, that humans (that’s you and me) need.

But people miss the obvious connection – which is; if you are not too tired after the day in the office, then that is the time to go see a movie, take in a concert, see some theatre. Because, for obvious reasons, places of work are usually situated in city centres and that is also where places of music and theatre are.

Which is why at Profomedia, we mix the reviews that we publish on this Site. Here is a current List of our forthcoming reviews, so you know what to look out for;

Sept 7th/8th. The HIMSS Cyber Security Forum, in Boston – is a must if you are involved in anything to do with healthcare or financials. And if you can’t get there – our deeper Report will be available for you to acquire.

Oct 8th; Mitsuko Uchida, one of our favourite pianists and accompanists, will be at Wigmore Hall London.

Oct 17th; The Chief Data Conference at Hilton Syon Park, London. Always worth registering.

Oct 23rd: ENO are launching their first night of La Traviata. If you are new to Opera, then this is a great beginning.

Nov 3rd; Again at ENO – a musical study of the work of Maria Callas, such a standout operatic performer.

Do make yourself known to us if you too are present at any of the above events.

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