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Our latest unique Information, delivered to you in a way that you can easily access, is the secret sauce of our benefit for you. Here is a selection of our latest Podcasts and Posts, that our current and that go deeper.

We are a serious mouthpiece for a wide range of vendors who have an important point to make. And an essential landing page for you as our valued Visitor, to get a commercial and clinical, advantage from the Insights that we can deliver for you.

Our blog is your ever expanding library of source material and comments, that you will refer back to, time and time again.

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What People Say

“Hi Richard. That's a very good well written article , Thank you for the quote"
Simon O’Riordan
Enterprise Director, Kubicle
“Hope all’s well. Happy for you to publish!"
Philip Harris
Fertility Fusion NHS

Meet Your Host

Richard Bloss

With a degree in Music and Modern Languages from London University and a scholarship from the Royal College of Music in London when only 11 years old –

Richard is an unusual profile for business. But that assessment would miss the point.

Richard has a unique competence to understand people and human nature – and he and his Team can create Media in various formats, from classic Video discussions to Comic Books and Superheroes – that genuinely engage with their viewers, readers and listeners, – for your benefit.

This ability to communicate is the cornerstone and secret sauce of Richard’s philosophy and approach and one which others do not have. Richard is a published author in his own right.

When not Interviewing and at the office, Richard plays Jazz Bach with his Trio or walks on the beach with his lovable little Westie Cairn, Barney, the dog. 

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